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Our team at SGMC Technology has been helping businesses improve their DevSecOps posture for more than a decade by accelerating their adoption of stable and efficient technologies from conception to production. To provide our clients with rich technology experiences, we use GitOps, Automation, Cloud-native technologies, and proven processes. DevSecOps best practices are fostered from the onset of a project, while security and compliance best practices are integrated throughout the process.

The company is committed to providing customers with the best results while ensuring the lowest cost implementations.  Our ability to combine the latest technologies with our time-tested processes makes SGMC Technology the go-to choice for businesses looking to upgrade their DevSecOps posture.


SGMC Technology has a rotating staff of highly experienced engineers/architects. Clients of SGMC Technology include Fortune500 Companies such as Barnes & Noble, About.com, Equinox, Audiomack. We are also a subprime vendor to government agencies including US Army, CSBS, IBM Cloud Services. 

Members of SGMC Technology are encouraged to take any and all certification exams that they deem necessary for their contracts and are reimbursed if they pass.

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